Rabbii Shohama Wiener, D.Min.

Spiritual Healing of Heart and Mind


"Rabbi Shohama with her SHOHAM work (Biblically-based psycho-spiritual practices for spiritual growth and healing) is among the best available resources for authentically Jewish spiritual direction. She is a true discerner of souls and a mashpi'ah who can help one with the work of transformation."
-Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi
Boulder, Colorado.


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Rabbi Shohama Wiener & Doctor Alan Dattner

All who want to contribute to the world as healers, and everyone in search of spiritual growth, healing and transformation, are invited to be part of SHOHAM.

SHOHAM is a unique psychospiritual process of ethical development and spiritual growth developed by Rabbi Shohama Wiener out of her twenty years as teacher of Jewish spirituality. It is named for the two Shoham stones which were worn by the High Priest, one on each shoulder, engraved with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. These stones, the mystics taught, were vessels for bringing wisdom and blessings into the world.

Participants will learn how to be vessels of blessing for themselves and those they love, fulfilling the Biblical mandate to be a mamlechet kohanim v'goi kadosh, a nation of priests and a holy people. They will immerse in texts concerning the ancient priesthood of Israel, and use meditative and interactive techniques to free their souls to shine more brightly. Chant, song, and the Biblical technique of laying-on-of-hands will enhance healing and growth.

SHOHAM is a spiritual healing process, and often people experience relief from physical symptoms as well. It is not a substitute for psychological or medical care, but an important supplement to it. People of all religious backgrounds and levels of knowledge are welcome to participate.

For information on SHOHAM workshops, contact rebshohama (at) gmail (dot) com


Staff: Rabbi Shohama Wiener, assisted by Dr. Alan Dattner.

Alan Dattner, M.D., is a practitioner of Integrative Medicine and Dermatology, and a long-time meditator and seeker of the spiritual path. Since his marriage to Rabbi Wiener, he has frequently joined her in leading spirituality and healing workshops. Often people consult with him after unsuccessfully trying to solve their problems through conventional medicine. His background as a research immunologist allows him to integrate the scientific with the holistic, and with clinical practice. He has been integrating nutritional and alternative approaches with allopathic medicine for twenty-five years. Dr. Dattner may be reached by email at DrDattner@yahoo.com.